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Start Date: Feb. 16, 2017, 5:58 p.m.


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Garry Haylock is a former professional footballer who played with Shelbourne, Dundalk, Portadown and Linfield.

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Garry Haylock: Football has a habit of making clever people look really silly

The rather contentious issue of penalties has dominated the headlines around the League of Ireland in the last few days. I think back to my own career, and one particular incident sprang to mind.

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Garry Haylock: What happens intelligent, resourceful businessmen when they become chairmen of football clubs?

If I went to doctor who had spent 30 years practising medicine and told him that what he was doing was wrong and he should treat his patients the way I think he should, I would be quite rightly laughed ...

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Garry Haylock: A clever manager will use the press to send messages to particular groups

Players have also been known to try and use the press to their advantage - as I found out to my cost.

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Garry Haylock: 'Rovers have the right idea: investing in youth pays'

It’s something that won’t bear fruit immediately but Rovers have the right idea. Hopefully their fans will appreciate the investment in years to come.

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Garry Haylock: 'I can only imagine what my career would have looked like if I had trained like players today'

In the dark distant past, when I had more hair and less of a gut, my feeling approaching the first game was – thank heavens, no more running!

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Garry Haylock: 'When I think back to when I was playing I can't help but smile at some of the shenanigans'

It is easy to look back and smile and remember those occasions with fondness although it didn’t seem like fun at the time.

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