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Idrottsforeningen Kamraterna Norrkoping, also known as IFK Norrkoping or simply Norrkoping, is a Swedish professional football club based in Norrkoping. The club is affiliated to Ostergotlands Fotbollforbund and play their home games at Ostgotaporten.[1] The club colours, reflected in their crest and kit, are blue and white. Formed on 29 May 1897, the club have won thirteen national championship titles and six national cup titles.

Squad Breakdown

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NameDate of BirthPosition
Julius Lindgren Sweden	 Goalkeeper
David Mitov Nilsson Macedonia Unavailable Goalkeeper
Isak Petterson Sweden	 06 Jun 1997 Goalkeeper
Tarik Hamza Sweden	 Defender
Jon Gudni Fjoluson Iceland	 10 Apr 1989 Defender
Alfons Sampsted Iceland	 Unavailable Defender
Andreas Johansson Sweden	 10 Mar 1982 Defender
Filip Dagerstal Unknown 01 Feb 1997 Defender
Linus Wahlqvist Sweden	 11 Nov 1996 Defender
Ian Smith Costa Rica	 Defender
Hampus Lonn Costa Rica	 Defender
Arnor Sigurdsson Iceland	 15 May 1999 Midfield
Simon Thern Sweden	 18 Sep 1992 Midfield
Jakob Lindahl Sweden	 Midfield
Felix Bengtsson Sweden	 Midfield
Daniel Sjolund Finland	 22 Apr 1983 Midfield
David Moberg Karlsson Sweden	 20 Mar 1994 Midfield
Eric Smith Sweden	 08 Jan 1997 Midfield
Gudmundur Thorarinsson Iceland	 15 Apr 1992 Forward
Kalle Holmberg Sweden	 03 Mar 1993 Forward
Jordan Larsson Sweden	 Unavailable Forward
Alexander Jakobsen 	Egypt	 18 Mar 1994 Forward
Carl Bjork Sweden	 Forward
To be Confirmed Unknown Unavailable Unknown
Lars Gerson 	Luxembourg	 Unavailable Unknown