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Quiz: Name every club to play in the League of Ireland Premier Division

Wed, Apr 01 2020

There are 24 team in all to name - let us know how you get on. Credit: Clare McCahill (ETPhotos)

It might seem like it's been around forever but the League of Ireland only formally split into Premier and First Divisions for the 1985-86 season (there was previously an A and B Division but, as there was no promotion or relegation, we don't count that).

12 teams contested that first Premier Division season (and two teams have never been relegated), while the format has changed frequently over the years with several teams having brief and long stays at the top level.

There are 24 teams to name in all - see if you can name them all. Let us know how you get on, in the replies or on social media, with screenshots as proof.

(Reconstituted/relaunched/renamed clubs are considered continuations of the original club for the purposes of the quiz.)

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