Former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge banned for six weeks for betting offences over Sevilla transfer

Thu, Jul 18 2019

Sturridge poses for photos with fans following Liverpool's 2018 friendly win over Napoli in Dublin. Credit: Brian F Smyth (ETPhotos)

Unattached former Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has been banned from football for six weeks and fined £75,000 for breaching the FA’s regulations on gambling.

Sturridge was found to have provided his brother with ‘inside information’ on a potential move to La Liga club Sevilla in January 2018 and ‘instructed his brother to bet on his possible transfer.’

The FA presented 11 charges to the Regulatory Commission, of which two were upheld, and the FA has announced it will appeal the leniency of the judgement.

The association had suggested a ban of no less than six months in order to reflect the seriousness of the offences.

" In all the circumstances, the FA submitted that a sporting sanction is the only realistic outcome in the case and a sanction of any shorter duration than six months would wholly fail to reflect the gravity of the case," read its submission.

It was proven that Sturridge had texted his brother, Leon: “Put the grand on Sevilla I’ll give it you back if you lose,” and thus had instructed his brother to break gambling regulations.

Sturridge followed up those texts with messages: “But wait until 6pm” and “They’re having their meeting at 3 so will know for sure my outcome after that.”

The striker subsequently went on to join Premier League West Bromwich Albion for the remainder of the 2017-18 season.

Sturridge was handed a six-week ban, until August 31st, 2019, all but two of which have been suspended, meaning he will once again be available to play from July 31st, provided he commits no further breaches.

"I am grateful to the panel for the time and consideration given to my case,” read a statement released by Sturridge.

“I would also like to thank my family, friends and legal representatives for the support they have given me throughout the past very tough 15 months.

"I am pleased that nine of the 11 charges were dismissed and that the panel found me to be an honest and credible witness, and that my actions on one particularly difficult day were out of character.

"The case was heard over seven days by a distinguished panel, which resulted in a lengthy and carefully considered decision, and followed an extensive investigation by The FA.

"It is therefore extremely disappointing to hear that the FA will be appealing this decision. I will continue to defend the case and the appeal.

"I am training hard and fully focused on the upcoming football season."