The Sportscast Episode 143 - 6:20 to Belfield (Louise Quinn and Ian Morris)

Sun, May 05 2019

Louise Quinn Credit: Peter Fitzpatrick (ETPhotos)

In episode 143 of the sportscast we caught up with Arsenal defender Louise Quinn to discuss her significant contribution to the Gunners winning their first league title in seven years.

We also spoke about the upcoming Republic of Ireland campaign. 

Dave Donnelly spoke with Louise, in between giving host Declan Marron updates on his bus journey to Belfield for the UCD v Sligo Rovers match. There is also some bonus Belfield birdsong in the background!

Declan meanwhile got a chance to chat with Shelbourne boss Ian Morris on the start to his managerial career and how the red hot favourite Reds have faired so far in their bid for promotion back to the Premier Division.

Check out the episode here.