Karl Sheppard reveals Dutch connection to Extratime.ie Sportscast crew

Fri, Oct 06 2017

It’s fair to say Cork City will be disappointed with their exit from this year’s UEFA Europa League, after falling to Cypriot side AEK Larnaca in the second qualifying round back in July.


It was definitely a step backwards after the progress they had made last year, when they lost after a spirited performance over two legs against KRC Genk.


Despite that being the end of the club’s campaign on the continent for this year, it wasn’t quite the end of the European adventure for one of their players…


Speaking to Declan Marron and Macdara Ferris on this week’s edition of the Extratime.ie Sportscast, forward Karl Sheppard spoke of his Dutch connection.


“It’s a very strange one, I think it was the Ultimate Team part of Fifa 17, and some Dutch lad had an obsession with my player.”


As it turns out, Karl had become the fixation of a Dutch gaming YouTuber who goes by the name of FC Roelie who, earlier this year grew attached to the former Everton trainee after using him on Fifa 17.


Roelie, whose real name is Joshua Raoul, first used the City man back in October of last year in his “PokeFifa” series and has featured Sheppard in over 20 videos since.


“I had people on my Twitter keep constantly getting onto me ‘oh send him something, send him something’ so I got onto him and sent him a jersey and the next thing I knew my Instagram was being bombarded and my Twitter was being bombarded.”


Not long after sending him the jersey, Karl would be sent numerous links to a new video Roelie had uploaded of him wearing his new jersey and excitedly showing off his new Karl Sheppard Ultimate Team card.


“You want to see the things getting sent to me on Twitter. At least three quarters of it is Dutch boys having a good laugh at it. But it’s all in good fun”.


The video can be found on YouTube and is entirely in Dutch apart from one poignant moment when a minute and twenty seconds into the video when Roelie, in his best English states his affection for Sheppard.


“Karl if you’re watching this, this was supposed to be our love story, this was destiny between us two, we were supposed to be connected, everything happens for a reason and so did this.”


The situation has even inspired the creation of a new T-shirt design! For the price of just €17, you can get your hands on the “Sheppard 19 Netherlands Tee” from On The Ball Media.


The bright orange shirt features Sheppard’s name and number on the back, as well as a logo with his face in front of the Dutch flag on the right breast.


You can listen to the full interview with Karl where he speaks about his odd encounter and more on the ET Sportscast here.