Bray Wanderers manager Harry Kenny: 'I'm delighted - their heads are back focused on football'

Sun, Aug 06 2017

The former Shamrock Rovers full-back has had a tough time keeping his squad's morale up. Credit: Al Robinson (ETPhotos)

Bray Wanderers boss Harry Kenny says he's delighted that the Bray players' heads are 'back focused on football' after their 0-0 draw with Bohemians on Friday.


After a turbulent few weeks at the Carlisle Grounds, confirmation that money had been secured to keep the players' wages paid to the end on of the season came on Thursday.


As the transfer deadline came and went on Monday, Kenny revealed that it became increasingly difficult to allay the worries of his players, with several other clubs sniffing around the Seagulls squad.


“We got a boost during with the money secured and the transfer window closed, and training sessions were very good this week compared to the previous four weeks”, Kenny said.


“Lads have been tapped up and all the rest. Other managers have been onto them. Obviously their heads were turned over the last four weeks.


“I have to acknowledge that it was a very tough four weeks trying to keep everyone on board.


“The transfer window was open, the money wasn't secured at the time, and it was hard to try to convince lads to stay and tell them it was going to be okay.


“It's our job to get them back focused, and with the window gone it will be a little bit easier I hope.


“We'll hope now the lads will be in better form and a little bit more concentrated on their football, and there'll be no more talk about monies or transfers or anything like that.”


On the night, Bray picked up their first point in five games, holding on for a draw despite late chances for Bohs.


Keith Ward, Dan Byrne, and Izzy Akinade all went close in the final 15 minutes, but a spirited defensive performance from the visitors, led by captain Conor Kenna and a solid debut for goalkeeper Lee Steacy, kept Bray in the game.


“Bohs were on a bit of a high after the two very good results they got,” Kenny said.


“We had no points from the last four games, we came her and played well.


“I thought we were the better team in the first half, they were a little bit better in the second half, but neither 'keeper was worked, so I think the draw was a fair result.”


But a first point in five does give the Wicklow side a boost in morale heading into the FAI Cup tie with Cork City next week.


“We've a little bit more hope going into the game.


“We'll get back training on Sunday and hopefully the lads will be in better form.


“I'll be delighted now, their heads are back focused on football.”