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Team Profile


Ground: Pearse Park

Capacity: 1000

Phone: Unknown


Crumlin United are a Dublin based side that compete in the Leinster Senior League.

Squad Breakdown

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NameDate of BirthPosition
David Meehan Ireland Unavailable Goalkeeper
Anthony McGuinness Ireland Unavailable Goalkeeper
Michael Quinn Ireland 27 Nov 1997 Goalkeeper
David Vickery Ireland 02 Dec 1987 Defender
Kevin Dempsey Ireland Unavailable Defender
Ciaran Kenna Ireland Unavailable Defender
Conor Mahony Ireland 09 Jan 1995 Defender
Paddy Brophy Ireland Unavailable Defender
Blair Mandiangu Unknown Unavailable Defender
Noel Murray Ireland Unavailable Defender
Sean Harding Ireland 17 Sep 1988 Defender
Stephen Gough Ireland 21 Mar 1981 Defender
Curtis Murphy Ireland 12 Jul 1996 Defender
Gary Murphy Ireland Unavailable Defender
Gavin Kavanagh Ireland 22 Nov 1987 Defender
Stephen Kelly Ireland 05 Jun 1997 Midfield
Lee Dixon Ireland 01 May 1991 Midfield
Jake Donnelly Ireland 09 Feb 1995 Midfield
Craig Walsh Ireland 27 Jan 1992 Midfield
Robbie Shields Ireland 01 May 1984 Midfield
Alan Barrett Ireland Unavailable Midfield
Brian Mooney Ireland Unavailable Midfield
Glenn Fullam Ireland Unavailable Midfield
Robert Douglas Ireland 07 Jul 1989 Midfield
Sean Burke Ireland 10 May 1996 Midfield
Malike Benrouguibi Ireland 07 Mar 1997 Midfield
Kieran Reilly Ireland 02 Feb 1989 Midfield
Thomas Hyland Ireland 24 Mar 1987 Midfield
Dean Hurley Ireland Unavailable Midfield
Sodiq Oguntola Nigeria 30 Apr 1993 Forward
Conor Murphy Ireland 11 Nov 1992 Forward
Danny McGuinness Ireland 09 Feb 1993 Forward
Luke Kelly Ireland 06 Jan 1996 Forward
Ger Rowe Ireland 03 Aug 1984 Forward
Daniel Kelly Unknown Unavailable Forward
Gavin O'Toole Ireland Unavailable Unknown
Noel Cummins Unknown Unavailable Unknown
Daniel Coughlan Unknown Unavailable Unknown
Sam Simpson Ireland Unavailable Unknown
Jamie Walsh Unknown 21 Mar 1995 Unknown
Stephen Kinch Ireland Unavailable Unknown