Website - Unknown

Team Profile


Ground: The Showgrounds

Capacity: 5500

Phone: Unknown


Bray Wanderers Under 15 team

Squad Breakdown

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Enda Minogue Ireland Goalkeeper
Morgan Griffin Ireland Goalkeeper
Sean Coffey Ireland Goalkeeper
Cian Connors Ireland Goalkeeper
Cian Kelly Ireland Defender
Alex Rafferty Ireland Defender
Callum Perry Ireland Defender
Andy Moran Ireland Defender
Jamie Egan Ireland Defender
Aaron Rice Ireland Defender
Neil Langan Ireland Midfield
Sean O'Neill Ireland Midfield
Billy Vance Ireland Midfield
Steven Sweeney Ireland Midfield
Eoin Green Ireland Midfield
Kyle Nolan Ireland Midfield
Ryan Bowden Ireland Midfield
Panit O'Keeffe Ireland Forward
Ollie Matthews Ireland Forward
Leigh Kavanagh Ireland Unknown
Cian McCracken Ireland Unknown
Regan Lennon Ireland Unknown
Ross Molloy Ireland Unknown
Eoin Doyle Ireland Unknown
Darragh Lynch Ireland Unknown
Corey Byrne-Dunbar Ireland Unknown
Cillian McDonald Ireland Unknown
Kevin Ryan Ireland Unknown
Andrew Mulvey-Mescal Ireland Unknown
Sam Brown Ireland Unknown
Alan Leonard Ireland Unknown
To be Confirmed Unknown Unknown
David Power Ireland Unknown