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Ground: Stradbrook

Capacity: 1620

Phone: Not Available


Cabinteely FC are based in the south county area of Dublin and have been around since the 1920s when they were known as The Blues from Cabinteely. The club's home is in Kilbogget Park, Killiney, but in 2015 they joined the League of Ireland First Division and arranged to play their home league games at Stradbrook, the home of Blackrock rugby club.

Squad Breakdown

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NameDate of BirthPosition
Finn McGowan Ireland 23 Apr 1999 Goalkeeper
Jack Menton Ireland 23 Sep 1996 Goalkeeper
Sean Hyland Ireland 27 Jul 1998 Goalkeeper
Stephen McGuinness Ireland 10 Mar 1995 Goalkeeper
Jack Tuite Ireland 27 Jan 1997 Defender
Keith Dalton Ireland 10 Sep 1997 Defender
Dylan Rowe Ireland 06 Feb 1999 Defender
Sean Bregazzi Ireland Unavailable Defender
Adam Maher Ireland 02 Feb 1998 Defender
Kieran Butler Ireland 12 Jun 1999 Defender
Jamie Broderick Ireland 27 Apr 1998 Defender
Karl Byrne Ireland 11 Jul 1996 Defender
Kevin Knight Ireland 13 Feb 1993 Defender
Conor Keeley Ireland 13 Dec 1997 Defender
Sean Fitzpatrick Ireland Unavailable Defender
Michael Scott Ireland 23 Apr 1994 Midfield
Paul Fox Ireland 03 Apr 1999 Midfield
Kieran 'Marty' Waters Ireland 05 May 1990 Midfield
Christian Lotefa Ireland 23 Sep 1994 Midfield
Robert McGee Ireland 15 Dec 1997 Midfield
Aaron Robinson Ireland 28 Apr 1997 Midfield
Craig Canty Ireland 28 Jan 1998 Midfield
Steven Ball Ireland 17 Sep 1997 Midfield
Eoghan Morgan Ireland 29 Jan 1998 Midfield
Dean Casey Ireland 12 Dec 1997 Midfield
Kyle Hogan Ireland 30 Mar 1998 Midfield
Anthony Dolan Ireland 18 Sep 1997 Midfield
Clayton Maher Ireland Unavailable Midfield
Jack Watson Ireland 07 Jul 1996 Midfield
Conor Earley Ireland 28 May 1993 Midfield
Andy O'Reilly Ireland 26 Jan 1998 Midfield
Kaleem Simon Ireland 08 Jul 1996 Midfield
Mark Hanlon Ireland Unavailable Forward
Zak O'Neill Ireland 17 Apr 2000 Forward
Joe Doyle Ireland 10 Sep 1997 Forward