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Team Profile

Nickname:The Ducks

Ground: Ferney Park

Capacity: 2000

Phone: Unknown


Ballinamallard United are a Northern Irish football team based near Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh. Founded in 1975, they play their home games at Ferney Park and compete in the IFA Championship 1.

Squad Breakdown

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Josh Brownlee Unknown Goalkeeper
Harry Clarke Ireland Goalkeeper
Richard Brush England Goalkeeper
David Elliot Unknown Defender
Calm McLoughlin Ireland Defender
Aaron Canning Northern Ireland Defender
Ross Taheny Ireland Defender
Mathew Smyth Unknown Defender
Ryan O'Reilly Ireland Defender
Jonathan Leddy Ireland Defender
Packie Mailey Ireland Defender
Sean Noble Ireland Midfield
Richard Clarke Northern Ireland Midfield
Ciaran Martyn Ireland Midfield
Simon Warrington Northern Ireland Midfield
David Kee Northern Ireland Midfield
Philip Beacom Northern Ireland Midfield
Niall Owens Northern Ireland Midfield
Stuart Hutchinson Unknown Midfield
Calvin McKinley Northern Ireland Midfield
Josh McIlwaine Northern Ireland Forward
Stephen O'Flynn Ireland Forward
Jason McCartney Ireland Forward
Gary Armstrong Ireland Forward
Jacob Britton Unknown Unknown
Plamen Kolov Unknown Unknown
Ben McCann Unknown Unknown
Cameron Crawford Unknown Unknown