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Team Profile


Ground: Tolka Park

Capacity: 3200

Phone: +353 (0)1 837 5536

Tolka Park,
Richmond Road,
Dublin 3

Back Row: Andy Gorman, Eoghan Dempsey, Ahu Obhakhan, Luke Doyle, David Pakenham, Adam Farrell, Andrew Ward and Aaron Robinson.

Middle Row: Conor Keeley, Dylan Grimes, George Mukete, Eric Donnelly, Hack Brady, Armstrong Bekombo, Paddy Obijuru, Gavin Kearney, Anthony Kennedy (Coach), Ger Ralph (Assist Manager)

Front Row: Ronan O'Flynn, Darragh Gannon, Aaron Ashe, Martin Murray, Aaron Robinson (captain), Ryan Robinson and Sean McGraine

Team photo and headshots were taken by Eoin Smith.

Squad Breakdown

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Ryan O'Neill Ireland Goalkeeper
Luke Ring Ireland Defender
Dean Longhi Unknown Defender
Conor Fowler Ireland Defender
Arran Molloy Ireland Defender
Peter Adigun Ireland Defender
Sean Trimble Ireland Defender
James Brown Ireland Defender
Nathan Doyle Ireland Defender
Eoin Doyle Ireland Defender
Flavio Marku Ireland Defender
Karl Spooner Ireland Midfield
Jordan Kelly Ireland Midfield
Ross Strong Ireland Midfield
Jordan Adeyemo Unknown Midfield
Michael Russell Ireland Midfield
Michael O'Keane Ireland Midfield
Michael Murphy Ireland Midfield
Ben O'Dowd Ireland Midfield
Ross Coyle Ireland Midfield
Jordan Carroll Ireland Midfield
Shane Farrell Ireland Forward
Brandon McCann Ireland Forward
Ali Reghba Ireland Forward
Steve Bayeke Unknown Unknown
Adam O'Connell Ireland Unknown
Gianpiero Fragnoli Ireland Unknown
To be Confirmed Unknown Unknown
Adeola Abass Ireland Unknown
Dylan Fox Ireland Unknown
Ryan Hunt Ireland Unknown