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Ground: No Ground

Capacity: 0

Phone: Unknown


The national football team of Bulgaria.

Squad Breakdown

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Plamen Iliev Bulgaria Goalkeeper
Martin Lukov Bulgaria Goalkeeper
Nikolay Mihaylov Bulgaria Goalkeeper
Blagoy Makendzhiev Bulgaria Goalkeeper
Georgi Kitanov Bulgaria Goalkeeper
Ivan Goranov Bulgaria Defender
Ivan Bandalovski Bulgaria Defender
Georgi Terziev Bulgaria Defender
Angel Lyaskov Bulgaria Defender
Strahil Popov Bulgaria Defender
Petar Zanev Bulgaria Defender
Bozhidar Chorbadzhiyski Bulgaria Defender
Todor Nedelev Bulgaria Midfield
Georgi Kostadinov Bulgaria Midfield
Martin Raynov Bulgaria Midfield
Stanislav Manolev Bulgaria Midfield
Simeon Slavchev Bulgaria Midfield
Borislav Tsonev Bulgaria Midfield
Alexsandar Bashliev Bulgaria Midfield
Alexandar Tonev Bulgaria Midfield
Galin Ivanov Bulgaria Midfield
Kristiyan Malinov Bulgaria Midfield
Svetoslav Kovachev Bulgaria Midfield
Ivelin Popov Bulgaria Forward
Spas Delev Bulgaria Forward
Radoslav Vasilev Bulgaria Forward
Andrej Galabinov Bulgaria Unknown
Georgi Milanov Bulgaria Unknown
Ivaylo Chochev Bulgaria Unknown
Vasil Bozhikov Bulgaria Unknown
Kiril Despodov Bulgaria Unknown
Aleksandar Tsvetkov Bulgaria Unknown
Bozhidar Kraev Bulgaria Unknown
Svetoslav Dyakov Bulgaria Unknown
Nikolay Bodurov Bulgaria Unknown
Anton Nedyallkov Bulgaria Unknown