John Caulfield: 'Three points are so valuable so we're disappointed with the draw'

Sun, May 13 2018

The City boss was left frustrating despite keeping a clean sheet at the Brandywell. Credit: Steve Alfred

In the stinging silence following Sean McLaughlin’s last-gasp chance to win the game, Cork City boss John Caulfield could not help but air his frustrations.

“We felt that we could win the game,” Cauulfield told reporters following his side’s 0-0 draw against Derry City at the Brandywell.

“If you look at the ninety minutes, it was a fairly open match. Both teams had a lot of opportunities In the second half especially we felt that we created three or four chances.

“Jimmy [Keohane] put one over the crossbar from six yards, Sadlier came on and had a chance and Beattie created one or two half chances.

“It was that kind of night at the end. McEneff’s cross shot that hit off the post and fell to Nults.

“We went down the pitch and forced two corners. Sean McLaughlin found himself six yards out and just couldn’t connect with the ball in front of goal.

“You could see in the last 15 minutes that both teams were going for the win, And we tried to get the win, with the introduction of Sadlier, O’Hanlon and Beattie to get that goal.

“But, coming out of the Brandywell with a draw and a clean sheet, we obviously can’t not be disappointed.

“Overall, I keep saying that the league is going to be very tight this year. A number of weeks ago we where down to a couple of points off the top and then all of a sudden after last week we are back on top. It’s that type of league.

“Three points are so valuable, so tonight we are disappointed because we thought we might have been able to nick a goal, but we move onto next Friday night.”

In what has been a testing time for Caulfield and his side, with league games coming on the double, City have been sparked by added squad depth and the clearing of injury worries.

“Our game last week was a Saturday and we had to travel up yesterday and now we have another week to next week’s home game against Bray.

“Then we run into a couple of Friday-Mondays again. From that point of view we need everyone available.”

Caulfield quickly highlighted the versatility in his side, stretching from the wing backs Shane Griffin and Steven Beattie to Jimmy Keohane pushing from defence to attack,

“Shane Griffin came back – he’d been out for a number of weeks. Obviously Alan Bennett has got his second game back.

“Josh [O'Hanlon] has done really well and Kieran [Sadlier] has done really well. Steven Beattie has come back from a long term injury. It’s good to have these guys back.

“It has upped the ante and put the boys who are starting under pressure. I keep saying that’s what you need. They want to get into the first 11 and that’s good for me with more choices.

“We have a lot of guys that are good that way. To be fair, Beattie is always a wide player. He was a forward player when we signed him and he ended up in a full back role out of necessity really and has done really well.

“He can play around Jimmy. He’s one of those guys who can do that. He’s really energetic in the midfield and is desperately disappointed that he didn’t score. That’s the way it is.”