Watch: John Caulfield and Bastien Hery clash as six sent off in Waterford

Sat, Apr 07 2018

Caulfield and Héry clashed on the pitch after Caulfield went to retrieve the ball. Credit: Michael P Ryan (ETPhotos)

There were unsavoury scenes at the RSC on Friday night as that saw Cork City manager John Caulfield thrown to the ground and six red cards dished out.

Waterford led the champions 2-1 in injury time when a minor scuffle broke out over a throw-in in front of the home bench.

It turned into a melée when Caulfield ran onto the field to retrieve the ball and was involved in an altercation with Blues midfielder Bastien Héry, which ended in Héry shoving the Cork boss.

The subsequent fall-out saw both Héry and Caulfield dismissed, as well as City midfielder Garry Buckley, City sub Steven Beattie, Blues boss Alan Reynolds and substituted player Stanley Aborah.

All six are likely to face bans of some sort, with Héry perhaps in the most hot water for his role in apushing Caulfield to the ground.

Speaking after the game, Caulfield said: “It was unfortunate. It was our throw and Shane Griffin went to get the ball.

“Unfortunately it went into the Waterford dugout. Obviously there was some time-delaying going on there and they were trying to stop him from getting the ball.

“There were a lot of bodies around the dugout and the ball came out. Bastien Hery just knocked the ball away then.

“I literally went a couple of paces onto the pitch, trying to get the ball to give it to Shane to take a quick throw and Basten Hery came across and threw his arm into me.a

“It sparked a bit of a melee, so we’ll have to wait and see what they think about it.”

Watch the footage below via Soccer Republic.