Watch: Ex-Limerick defender shows great reflexes to dodge haymaker while playing for Leeds United

Tue, Nov 21 2017

O'Connor in action for Limerick during the 2016 First Division-winning season. Credit: Laszlo Geczo

Former Limerick centre-half Paudie O'Connor has been making steady progress since swapping the Market's Field for Championship Leeds United at the beginning of this year.


The local boy made his Blues debut at the age of 17 in 2015 and quickly became a mainstay in the side, excelling in their 2016 First Division title-winning season.


His physical presence and assuredness on the ball won him many admirers, not least the Leeds scouts, but he showed an entirely different type of sporting prowess in Rhyl on Tuesday night.


After a fight broke out between players from the Welsh Premier League side's senior players and Leeds' under-23s, O'Connor found himself in the thick of the action.


And despite having teammates named [Hasim] Ali and [Adrian] Balboa by his side, it was O'Connor who showed the outstanding boxing skills on the night.



Not that he was the aggressor, mind, merely that he had the incredible reflexes to duck a fully-committed attempt at a punch from Rhyl defender Tony Davies. The match was then called off.


Check out the clip below, videoed by Twitter user John Wilson.